NY Times Now on Google Earth

There’s now a NY Times layer in Google Earth. When enabled, it looks like this:


NY Times on Google

This is more novelty right now than anything else for the Times. But it’s part of a larger phenomenon of plotting news on maps. A partial list of folks doing that include MetaCarta, Everyblock, Outside.in, YourStreet and others.

I like Google Earth but it’s too cumbersome to fire up daily to read news. This would be more useful in my opinion in Google Maps.

Update: I was reminded that KML files show up in Google Maps so effectively you can see everything there too:

NY Times on Google Maps


Here’s a post I did a couple years ago advocating someone build a “3-D newspaper.”


3 Responses to “NY Times Now on Google Earth”

  1. Barry Hunter Says:

    You can load the KMZ that Google Earth uses in Google Maps:


    Not perfect but it works.

    (wrapped by in a network link to ensure it updated)

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    And so you can . . . I had forgotten

  3. Tim Cohn Says:

    I like your 3-D news concept… Its definitely outside the box.

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