MetaCarta Launches GeoSearch News

Mapping and geosearch infrastructure provider MetaCarta has launched GeoSearch news, which locates news stories on a map. One can search by keyword or browse by category in a location.

Metacarta news map

Here’s the press release and more from CNET.

There are a variety of other sites that seek to “visualize” news feeds. YourStreet, a MetaCarta client, and Everyblock do similar things in putting news on a map.

MetaCarta is serious about this as a consumer destination. But before there can be much traffic or ad revenue accordingly there will need to be some “alternative views” and feature upgrades added. In fairness the site just launched and is in early beta.


6 Responses to “MetaCarta Launches GeoSearch News”

  1. Florian Says:

    This is going to fail, for the simple reason that it contains no additional information. It’s a map … with news, now of course it’s interesting to watch news in my region, but what use has the map … it contains no additional information. Writing “New York” is more useful to the reader than showing him New York on a map.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Agree that there need to be changes and improvements. Map view is primarily a novelty when it comes to news.

  3. ian Says:

    i think it’s a bit strange that metacarta invested a great deal in OpenLayers yet used the gmap to showcase this project

  4. Doug Says:

    i would think the articles which are plotted on the map pertains to that region. its funny how the screenshot shows ‘Warriors top Lakers’ from a Detroit news source.

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