Joins the Social Media Club

Bowing to the inevitable, has launched user reviews:

user reviews

It now joins SuperPages as the other major IYP site with user-generated content. Of course Yahoo! Local, Yelp, Citysearch, Angie’s List, Google Maps (aggregator of reviews) and, among others, have offered this content for some time. CMO Matt Crowley said to me this morning that the initial reviews have come from Judy’s Book and the company’s own beta test. However, intends to generate its own content rather than rely on third parties as a general matter.

This is an overdue and smart move. The challenge now becomes getting more users to engage and participate.

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  1. KevinL. Says: is joining a crowded field, but they have the benefit of an institutionalized name that has spanned a few generations. Still, what are they going to offer that’s new? Are they just going to bank on their name? What happens when a paying customer sees a bad review about their business? is one of the only players out there on the other side of the equation. Giving business owners a chance to do whatever they want with their business listing (uploading pictures, blog, build coupons) while showing them what consumers on the web say about them.

    I’d be interested in hearing how YP will appease their business owner base while allowing consumer reviews.

  2. Bryan Says:

    YELLOWPAGES.COM offers each cutomer the ability to respond to all reviews by logging into the system. It is a great way for the customer to offer better customer service to their clients and show review readers they are taking care of their clients who for whatever reason were unhappy.

  3. The Praized Blog » Blog Archive » Introduces User Reviews Says:

    […] Greg Sterling says that initial user reviews are coming from Judy’s Book their own beta […]

  4. Tom Says:

    Ahh, hooray for Yellow Pages-dot-com.

    What I find incredible is that this took them so long to do. Welcome to 2004. Elephants are born in less time than their product features.

    Meantime, in BellSouth’s home market of Atlanta has 75,000 reviews. Embarrassing.

    Also, where’s the effort to build meaningful business information?

    The online YPs are so thin in detail it’s a joke. A “high consideration decision” requires depth and the ability to compare.

    Regrettably you can’t just license this from Judy.

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