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Open Mobile Summit Conference

September 10, 2009

Picture 7I’m going to be moderating a panel at the forthcoming Open Mobile Summit, November 4-5 in San Francisco. My panel is called “New Dimensions in Navigation and Search.”

Keynotes include Vint Cerf of Google, John Donovan (CTO, AT&T), Cole Brodman (CTO, T-Mobile) and Michael Abbot (SVP, Palm).

The program I run for Opus Research, Internet2Go, is a conference partner. If you’re interested in attenting, you can receive a $150 discount off the full-conference price. If you register by Friday, September 18th, you get $400 off. Register and enter the VIP code: GREGS (code not my idea).


SMS Marketing Webinar Tomorrow

August 26, 2009

Picture 48Tomorrow I’m doing a webinar with ChaCha and 4Info on SMS marketing at 1 pm ET. If you’re only thinking about mobile marketing yet only thinking “mobile apps” or the iPhone, think again.

SMS is the most flexible and offers the greatest reach of any mobile marketing platform. I’m particularly interested in the tie-ins between traditional media and SMS.

If you sign up and request it, you’ll also get a copy of my recent report “SMS Marketing: Direct Route to Consumer Engagement.”

It’s free. To register, go here. The slides and audio will also be available after the webcast tomorrow.

SMS Webcast + My Whitepaper (Free)

August 14, 2009

I know that you’re dying to read whitepapers that I’ve written. And so with that understanding . . . if you sign up for the upcoming Webcast on SMS marketing, you’ll get the whitepaper that inspired it — free of charge

Thursday, August 27, 2009 (1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT)

“SMS Marketing: Direct Route to Consumer Engagement”

Roughly 3.5 billion text messages are sent every day in the U.S., yet text messaging is often neglected in discussions of mobile marketing. However, SMS is the most versatile mobile marketing vehicle and the only one that transcends mobile platform and handset type. In this webcast, Opus Research outlines the distinctions between the “mobile Web” and SMS marketing, highlighting case studies that illustrate the effectiveness of SMS as a broad and flexible marketing tool.

Greg Sterling – me
Rob Wilk – VP of Sales, ChaCha
Zaw Thet – CEO & Co-Founder, 4INFO

You need to register first.

Local Search Summit Delayed

July 12, 2009

Picture 24I was informed this past Thursday that the Local Search Summit would be delayed until the time of SES San Jose (I believe Thursday of that week). More information later as I get it.

MobileBeat Is Next Week

July 9, 2009

Picture 31The MobileBeat 2009 conference is next Thursday (7/16) in San Francisco at the Parc 55 Hotel. It’s 12 hours of mobile goodness. But you say mobile doesn’t apply to you?

At a time when 1 out of every 7 minutes spent with media is already on a mobile device, everyone has to take mobile seriously as a platform.

It’s going to be a terrific event with a great lineup of speakers. They include folks from Google, Palm, Yahoo Mobile, Motorola, Nokia, and Microsoft. There’s also a startup competition at the end of the event, which should be pretty interesting. In the Lo-Mo segment, I just spoke to startup Aloqa this morning. They’ll be there. The complete agenda is here.

For a discount you can sign up here and enter the code “mb09opusre.” It’s equal to the early-bird rate ($450).

Local Search Summit on July 17 in SF

June 11, 2009

Given that Third Door Media decided not to do SMX Local-Mobile this year, a number of folks in that community suggested that there be a local event. The result of that ongoing discussion is the Local Search Summit on July 17 in San Francisco. Steve Espinosa is the conference organizer. I provided Steve with some input on the agenda. Jason Calacanis’ organization is producing the event.

Picture 7

The event is intended to be smaller and attendance may be capped (not sure). Any speaking inquiries should go to Steve. Google, Yahoo! and a number of others have already accepted speaking slots. Google’s Steve Stukenborg Google TV Product Manager will keynote and discuss the connection between online and offline media.

I’ll be speaking along with others in the local space. The agenda seeks to offer a blend of “business issues” and tactical “hands-on” information. So there are sessions like:

  • Local Search Ranking Factors
  • Using Facebook and Twitter to Drive Local Leads
  • What Kinds of Online Products Do SMBs Need?
  • LBS and Mobile: What to Realistically Expect


You can buy tix here.

Moving from ‘Location’ to ‘Place’

May 16, 2009

Picture 16Lots of stuff is happening behind the scenes with location and geotargeting. One of the more interesting things taking shape and even being implemented revolves around the idea of place vs. the more basic concept of location. I moderated a panel (“Geo-Location Services: Pinpointing Opportunities”) at EconSM on Thursday in SF. The conference explored connections between social and mobile media and corresponding opportunities.

The panel featured the following speakers:

  • Marc Davis, Chief Scientist of Yahoo! Mobile and VP of Early Stage Products
  • Gary Griffiths, President and CEO, LiteScape
  • Anne Bezancon, Founder and President of 1020 Placecast
  • Braxton Woodham, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Zannel

It was quite an interesting panel. For purposes of this post, one of the more interesting dimensions of the discussion was about “place” as a “3D” idea vs. “location,” a “2D” idea. Location was characterized as a lat-long on a map. While “place” brought other attributes with it: who, what, when, etc.

One illustrative example would be events at Madison Square Garden. There might be a basketball game on one night, a boxing match another night and then a rock concert the following night. Same location, but the attendees at these events and their respective profiles, interests, etc. are quite different. Those variables are now being factored into mobile advertising in certain situations. For example, 1020 Placecast is currently doing this sort of thing.

This concept of place is one evolutionary dimension of geotargeting’s future: layers of data factored into which ads are served to which audiences based on a range of considerations that are grounded in location but include other variables. In other words, adding much more “context” to the conversation and ad/offer than simply location.

EconSM Next Thurs: Social + Mobile

May 7, 2009

Picture 8Next Thursday (May 14) in SF the EconSM show takes place. It’s focused on how social and mobile intersect and interact. It should be quite a good event, with lots of interesting speakers — including from the all powerful Twitter.

I’ll be there moderating:

Panel: Geo-Location Services: Pinpointing Opportunities
3:40 – 4:30 p.m.

Geo-location services have grown in popularity as some social media users seek to inform their networks of their every move and more parents try to keep a digital eye on their kids and their whereabouts. As a result, more and more companies—including Google—have gotten into the game. What differentiates these services and who’s using them? What are the revenue opportunities and are they being achieved? How are they helping friends and family members keep track of each other and share information while having their privacy concerns addressed? How are these services preparing to compete against the likes of Facebook and Twitter as they incorporate the service into their networks?

Marc Davis, Chief Scientist of Yahoo! Mobile and VP of Early Stage Products
Sal Dhanani, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Marketing, TeleNav
Keith Ippel, President and COO, Lat49
Greg McAdoo, Venture Capitalist, Sequoia Capital

Moderator: Greg Sterling, Senior Analyst, Opus Research’s Internet2Go; Founder, Sterling Market Intelligence

EconSM is being held at the very nice Mission Bay Conference Center and is followed by an evening mixer. You can register with the code “LMS” and save 15% off the $450 registration fee.

Need a Culture Transplant?

April 30, 2009

As some of the people who read this blog or follow me on Twitter know, I was at the Yellow Pages Association conference on Tuesday speaking on panel about blogging. Then I took the red eye and went straight into OMMA Mobile in NY on Wednesday and spoke on mobile search. It was exhausting but also very interesting to see two conferences and two industries back-to-back like this.

I was struck by how radically different the two cultures are: yellow pages publishers and their vendors and mobile marketing companies and ad agencies. Both sets of attendees would probably have profited from attending the other conference just to see how different the world looks from the other’s point of view. To some degree Malcolm Gladwell was talking about the same issues, when he discussed the problems with “silos” and isolation in his YPA keynote.

It seems to me that too infrequently do companies see the world from other perspectives; they’re often mired in group think or the limitations of their officially sanctioned point of view.

During my remarks on the blogging panel at YPA I cryptically alluded to some “innovative things” that Idearc was working on. The individuals I met with who are developing them are outsiders. They work for Idearc but they’re not traditional YP people. This is not to say anything negative about “YP people.” It’s merely to point out that outside perspectives and fresh approaches are typically required to reinvigorate a company.

Deep grooves get established culturally making it difficult to do things differently or make needed changes, even at times of intense external pressure to change.

I have no background in organizational psychology or training. So in a way I have no standing here. But I think YP publishers should aggressively try to “open up” their organizations to enable ideas to come forward (from any source) and to tap the creativity of their own people more deeply. I’m sure there’s a ton of creative thinking and ideas that aren’t making their way into discussions about product or process.

An interesting exercise would be to pretend that a YP were a startup. What would you do? What products or services would you build? Who would you do deals with? How would you get buzz and attention? I bet many of the ideas that would come out of such a discussion would be beneficial and perhaps different than what’s coming out of existing channels.

What do you think?

Off to CTIA

April 2, 2009

Web 2.0 yesterday (mood was restrained, if not somber); CTIA today. I’ll be flying to fabulous Las Vegas this morning and then leaving late tonight. I’ve got a pretty packed schedule so I don’t know how many of the items I want to get to here I’ll actually be able to get to.

Not in LA, in NY for ThinkMobile

March 16, 2009

Every Kelsey show I always get a bunch of people asking whether I’ll be there. I always tell people who ask me whether they should go that the Kelsey shows are the single best place to do BD in the local space.

However I will not be there. I’ll be in New York for the ThinkMobile event moderating a panel on LBS and monetization.

And for those who think that the mobile Internet is something they can defer until “next year,” check out the latest data on US mobile Internet usage from comScore.

Internet2Go ‘in the Can’

January 30, 2009


We did Internet2Go yesterday at Mezzaine in San Francisco. It was a small event in an unconventional setting. We had a mix of ad agencies, mobile ad networks, technology companies and others. The idea was to help educate people about mobile marketing now (not speculate about the future) and offer a forum for real discussion.

The quality and collection of speakers and companies there was really unprecedented for an informal event like this. Thanks in particular to Yahoo!, Verve Wireless, NearbyNow and JumpTap who supported this first-time event.

We wanted it to be very different than a traditional “conference.” I think that it was. It was an experiment but according to the feedback I got was a success. Thanks everyone who attended.

i2G: Getting ‘Down & Dirty’

January 28, 2009

picture-28Another self-serving promo here . . . but I’m pretty “psyched” (to use the vernacular) about our Internet2Go (i2G) show tomorrow in SF. I’ve been interacting with the speakers and looking at some of the presentations and it’s great stuff. 

Many of the conferences I attend are populated with thoughtful speakers who express lots of abstract opinions, sometimes supported with data in slides. Rarely however does one really get down to the level of concrete examples or case studies. SMX does a great job of this with SEO/SEM: very practical stuff. 

With i2G we’ve tried to mix informed discussion with cases and examples so that people actually get to hear about and see what’s really going on in the market — right now — rather than speculating about market size or revenues at some point in the future. Almost all forecasts turn out to be incorrect (to varying degrees) either in their timing or projections or both. 

In particular I was looking at the HipCricket slides this morning and getting excited because CMO Jeff Hasen is going to present a range of really interesting cross platform marketing cases (mixing traditional and mobile media). Scott Dunlap CEO of NearbyNow is also going to present a new mobile-traditional media integration that will be announced tomorrow, which is really intriguing and the shape of things to come. 

Anne Bezancon of 10-20 Placecast isn’t doing a case study presentation, she’s on the mobile ROI panel. But I’m going to get her to talk about a recent cross-platform campaign, which had a strong local element and some great results that validate not only the power of mobile but local as well in an empirical way. This is the first such data that I’m aware of ; and they did A/B testing to demonstrate the impact of the local stuff. 

In addition, the diversity of the speakers in my mind is also going to be great. While this is a smallish, informal event most of the major players in mobile advertising will be in the room (i.e., Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Google, JumpTap, Verve Wireless, 4Info, Quattro, AdMob, ChaCha, among others). I will be moderating the panels and my intention will be to involve the audience in the discussion as much as I can. 

It represents a terrific opportunity to really come up to speed on mobile and see all these different companies and ad platforms in one day. We’re asking: what did you do? how did it work? what did you learn? what would you change? 

If you’re in SF and not already registered — and this intrigues you — you can register here. It’s tomorrow at Mezzanine

Hope to see you there.

Internet2Go Happening This Thursday

January 27, 2009

picture-36As I said before, we conceived Internet2Go as an opportunity to educate ad agencies and media buyers about the mobile market through case studies and concrete examples of mobile marketing campaigns working today.

Our notion was to bring interested parties together in a smaller, conversational atmosphere for more exchange among the speakers and audience. But it’s an event that will also benefit those who “know that mobile is coming” but are only vaguely aware of what’s going on. (Knowing something about the iPhone doesn’t really constitute knowledge of mobile.)

While it’s generally a bad time for events (what with travel budgets the way they are and all) this is a great group of speakers and the content will be very strong. Here is the list of companies presenting and represented on the podium:

  • Yahoo!,
  • JumpTap
  • Ad Mob
  • iconmobile
  • Ansible Mobile
  • NearbyNow
  • HipCricket
  • 4Info
  • Cha Cha
  • Verve Wireless
  • MoVoxx
  • Google
  • Platform-A
  • Mediasmith
  • Quattro Wireless
  • Agent M
  • LSN
  • AdMob
  • 1020 Placecast
  • Microsoft
  • Ad Infuse
  • Greystripe
  • Cramer-Krasselt

They’ll be discussing the full range of mobile ad strategies and platforms. Unless you’re already deeply involved in mobile marketing this will be a great way to get “smarter” about the entire landscape in one day.

While this may be prematurely self-congratulatory I think it’s going to be like one of those small concerts in a club that you hear about and say: “Damn, I wished I’d known about that.”

What’s happening in mobile is not unlike what happened online (with a few twists); it’s just developing in half the time. Mobile Internet access will overtake the “fixed line” Internet and become the primary Internet access point for many millions of people in the not-too-distant future. If you don’t start paying attention to mobile you’re going to be playing catch up.

The agenda is here. It’s at Mezzanine in San Francisco.

Attending Internet2Go Next Week?

January 20, 2009

picture-76Local Mobile Search/Opus Research is hosting “Internet2Go,” a one-day summit on the state of mobile advertising next Thursday. It’s a mix of case studies and panels. I’ll be moderating most of the panels.

But unlike many mobile oriented events, we’re focusing on what is actually happening and working — today. We’re not speculating about the future and how “big” mobile will be one day. We’re not going to talk about the iPhone vs. Android vs. the Pre. We’re going to be showing real case studies and offering real lessons learned from actual campaigns.

For those who are sitting on the sidelines of mobile it will be the fastest and best way to learn what’s happening in one day.

The event will lead off with a look inside Porsche’s recent groundbreaking mobile ad campaign, featuring Yahoo!’s VP Mobile Advertising and Publishing, David Katz, and Brian Mandelbaum, VP Interactive Group Media Director, Cramer-Krasselt, the agency that created the campaign.

In addition to Yahoo! the event will also feature speakers from:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • JumpTap
  • AOL/Platform A
  • ChaCha
  • NearbyNow
  • 4Info
  • HipCricket
  • Mediasmith
  • Agent-M
  • Quattro Wireless
  • LSN
  • Verve Wireless
  • Greystripe
  • 1020 Placecast
  • Ansible Mobile
  • iconmobile
  • Ansible Mobile

Sponsors are Yahoo!, JumpTap and NearbyNow.

The show is 1/29 (next Thursday) at Mezzanine (a club) in SF. It’s going to be conversational, informal and have great content. If you’re interested in mobile marketing/advertising you’re not going to want to miss it.

If you’re a marketer or with an agency and want a substantial discount, let me know.

Genesis of Internet2Go Summit

January 14, 2009


In my guise as program director of Local Mobile Search, I and Opus Research are putting on a one-day event called Internet2Go. It’s happening on 1/29 in SF at a club (not a hotel): Mezzanine.

I’ve been going to or speaking at lots of mobile events over the past 18 months. Many of them have been good but highly “tech” focused. Many of them have also featured “the industry talking to itself.”

My colleague Pete Headrick and I over lunch about five months ago were discussing this problem. Pete’s quite connected to the SF agency community and suggested we to do a more informal, “conversational” and, most of all, practical event that presented real case studies and candid discussion about what was working and what wasn’t in mobile to the people who need the education and examples most — agencies and marketers.

Much of the discussion at broad industry conferences that sprinkle in mobile content give only the most abstract overview: 50 million people in the US are using the mobile Internet and the ratio of mobile phones to PCs is 3:1, and so on. There’s little discussion of the “nuts and bolts” issues that hold mobile advertising and marketing back (the MMA has had some excellent sessions along the lines I’m discussing). Most agencies and marketers are on the sidelines. They haven’t really engaged with mobile.

The thing is: mobile advertising is already working and already highly compelling. And mobile will eventually become the primary Internet access point for millions of people. In China today there are more than 100 million people who go online through their mobile phones.

We thus wanted to do an event that exposed agencies, marketers and others to the full range of mobile marketing possibilities in a very concrete way: what’s working today and delivering a great ROI for marketers. We also wanted to have a direct conversation about the issues that need to be changed or addressed before mobile could really draw in more advertisers.

This is going to be a great event and we’ve got great companies presenting: Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, AOL, JumpTap, NearbyNow, Quattro, AdMob, NearbyNow, HipCricket, Greystripe, Agent-M, 4Info, MoVoxx . . .

In fact, it’s going to be the best one-day “crash course” in mobile marketing available — and it’s very cheap as such events go. We’re really trying to evangelize mobile and present a high-quality discussion. We’re not making money off the event.

The target audience is agencies and marketers. But anyone who wants to become much more sophisticated about mobile very quickly should attend. Let me know if you’re interested and I can even get you a deal.

There’s also going to be a “kick ass” reception ending the day with a “mobile ad creative showcase.”

Internet2Go Sneak Preview

January 9, 2009

Now that CES is done we’re going to formally put out a release on Monday about the event, which is Jan 29. I’ll explain more later. 


But it’s a small, focused one-day event designed to showcase all the various forms of mobile advertising. It’s intended to offer case studies and practical information for the “mobile curious.” 

Here’s more information for those interested.

SMX Speaker Pitch Form Now Up

December 11, 2008


I’ve been asked by several people about speaking at SMX West (Feb.). If you’re interested in any of the sessions, the pitch form is here. Please don’t ask me directly to put you on this or that panel; I don’t have that authority. You need go through this form.

Speaking at SMX West

November 7, 2008

I’m getting people asking about SMX West next year. Here are all the details and advice on how you or your client can speak at the show.

Up Next for Me: CTIA, Mobilze, SMX East

September 10, 2008

I’m getting a number of people asking if I’m going to be at the Kelsey YP show in Atlanta next week. If you’re in the industry or a potential vendor to YP publishers it’s probably the best single place to get in front of them. However, I’m not  going to be there.

The next two scheduled events (so far) on my calendar are:

  • CTIA (starts today in San Francisco)
  • Mobilize: (September 18, SF) — I’m moderating a panel on location based services.
  • SMX East (October 6-8, NY) — I’m moderating panels on local, the iPhone and search + display ads