Update Your Feeds: Screenwerk

Soon this blog will be phased out and all the action will be over at Screenwerk.com.

Here’s the direct feed and here is the comments feed.


17 Responses to “Update Your Feeds: Screenwerk”

  1. WikiCity Says:

    Hell yes.

  2. Clarence Close Says:

    I like the look of your new blog.

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  3. Greg Sterling Says:


  4. Trainee Trader Says:

    Love the new look Greg. Will you be keeping this blog as an archive or just using a redirect?

  5. Celine Says:

    wow! you finally sprung for a site! Looks great, will you have RSS feed?

  6. Bob Jenkins Says:

    I’m excited to see these new updates. The blog is looking good.

  7. patrick Says:

    I love the default WordPress template. So retro.

  8. Matt Powell Says:

    Greg, the new look is just wonderful, certainly more appealing.

  9. Jesse Cancer Says:

    I kind of am getting the feeling this blog is dead. Whats going on with it?

  10. John McGregor Says:

    I know I;m a little late to the party…but your new blog looks GREAT!!!!!

  11. Google Says:

    wow! you finally sprung for a site! Looks great, will you have RSS feed?

  12. Greg Sterling Says:


  13. FredrickM Says:

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  14. terrymolb Says:

    Look is not bad. In gives a professional touch. Hope it will lunch soon. What about inner pages of its?
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  15. gorih Says:

    And I myself created a template based on the fact that I have found on the Internet

  16. Sandra Says:

    I like the new look your giving to your website!

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