Head on Over to Screenwerk.com

Finally I’ve had the blog redone. Head on over to Screenwerk.com to see it.

It’s simple yet more polished, dry yet flavorful, sweet yet sour, sarcastic yet sincere:

Get the new feed here, or you can subscribe and get all my posts from Search Engine Land, Internet2Go and this blog at twitter.com/gsterling.

The content on this site will soon disappear, because it’s all duplicated over at Screenwerk.com.


20 Responses to “Head on Over to Screenwerk.com”

  1. Dave Hucker Says:

    looks great Greg

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


  3. ben Says:

    love your blog, but i read via iPhone usually and new domain doesn’t render iPhone friendly version… is that coming?

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    Looking into it.

  5. Syracuse Marketing Company Says:

    The new blog looks great. I also access through my iphone, looking forward to seeing it.

  6. testingname44 Says:

    Hi Greg – couppla things:

    – I wanted to access your post: ” How do you bill for Pay Per Call without a unique 800 or 10-digit number?” but I don’t see the Twitter posting. Can you direct me to this?

    – Your article: “Analytics Bring Sophisticated New Data, Insights to Search Marketing” discusses Kenshoo’s CCO & Dynamic Number Replacement, a popular feature with most call tracking / management providers.


    1. If the number is a session-based rewrite generated from a number pool, how is the call source – (publisher, landing page etc), credited for the call when the prospect calls a week later? We find that _many_ calls come in days after the ad or video was seen. How can the publisher display the number in an ad or video when the number might connect to a different vendor when the prospect calls?

    Earl Brown / CEO / ValueLeads
    e: ebrown@valueleads.com
    v: 805-569-2678
    w: http://www.valueleads.com
    w: http://www.callbuyers.com

    Please respond to ebrown@valueleads.com rather than Twitter.

    PS: I’ve been following your posts and articles for years – even incorporating some of your ideas in a PPCall business plan I presented to an angel investment group about 4 years ago. Good work, and much appreciated. Looks like Pay Per Call is finally generating the interest it deserves, and hard to believe CJ, LinkShare, ShareASale etc. are just catching on to the huge potential of this marketing model.

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  10. Terry Says:

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  11. vegan lifestyle Says:

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  19. Brian Says:

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  20. Internetmarketinginorangecounty Says:

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