Marchex in Rep. Mgmt Deal with Dow Jones

Marchex announced a deal with the Local Media Group unit of Dow Jones. The latter will sell a white labeled version of the Marchex reputation management product to its small business advertisers:

(1) Marchex will provide Dow Jones Local Media Group with a private-labeled version of the Marchex Reputation Management product, which it will sell to its small business customers on a monthly subscription basis and/or bundled with other Dow Jones Local Media Group product offerings; and

(2) Marchex will continue to receive unique content and information from Dow Jones Local Media Group as well as from other new content partners, including CitySquares, Joy of Spa and Measured Up, for inclusion in Marchex Reputation Management, which will benefit users by broadening the local business listing meta-data footprint of the product to nearly half-a-billion items (e.g., user reviews, listings, mentions on blogs and social media).

Reputation management is becoming an essential layer of the local business product suite. Marchex was the first fully realized product in this segment for SMBs; however other companies have more recently developed competing products.

I got a quick demo of the updated Marchex product this morning and found the it had been improved and upgraded further since I last saw it. There are also a number of very interesting roadmap ideas.


4 Responses to “Marchex in Rep. Mgmt Deal with Dow Jones”

  1. Tim Cohn Says:

    While Dow Jones owns

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    That’s very interesting.

  3. Pete Ryan Says:

    It’s a great move for both parties.
    Dow Jones can have a real and favorable impact in this space. Their decision to private label a product from a viable provider is wise. Dow Jones can focus on messaging and traction.
    Kudos to Marchex.

  4. Kurt Lozier Says:

    We partnered with Marchex for a SMB focus which matches the local media business franchise of our group.

    It’s important to understand that outside the usual national / global (well known) review and rating sites, there is a fair amount of important locally generated information which impacts the purchasing decisions of local consumers.

    We’ve worked with Marchex to identify and include this information for our roll out.

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