Local Search Ranking Factors III Now Out

David Mihm has published results of the third “Local Search Ranking Factors” survey in which he and other professional SEOs discuss the variables that affect local listing rankings, chiefly on Google. It represents a kind of consensus of highly informed (and practiced) professional opinion about local SEO.

Mihm provides a summary overview of the results on his blog. For those professionally engaged in SEO it’s invaluable. And for those even casually interested it’s worth exploring. However there is an enormous amount of detail there: more than 70 “factors” discussed at length.

Here are two lists from the survey that I found interesting:


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  1. Brooke Says:

    This is important information and without question everything is going local and why not it is a huge source of more revenue for the search engines and especially Google. Have not read the rest but will but know that local business needs help taking their business online.

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