EveryScape Integrates into Bing Maps

Using the new Bing Maps SDK, interior photography provider EveryScape has become one of the Bing Map “apps.” That means users will be able to access EveryScape interior photography on Bing Maps:

The EveryScape map app is being launched initially in Boston with other major cities becoming available later this year, and is EveryScape’s first partner-enabled visual guide for local search. Users can view the interiors of more than 500 Boston restaurants and explore exteriors for more than 1,300 in 3D. Interior panoramic imagery allows users to “walk around” as though they were there in person. Features include:

–Visual search for restaurants: Immediate visual impressions of more than 1,300 Boston area restaurants provide an idea of ambiance and neighborhood
–Plan a night out: Select a restaurant and then share it with friends
–Read reviews, menus and restaurant information: Panoramic images are augmented by the restaurant details section so diners can make an educated dining decision

EveryScape will now be one of the choices on this menu of Bing Map apps (though it doesn’t appear to be live yet):

You’ll be able to “enter” local businesses where EveryScape has photographed the interior:

Google has embarked on an initiative to photograph local business interiors for free. EveryScape charges money for the imagery. However EveryScape has been doing this for several years and has a big head start.

The company is also going to announce a range of other local partners in the coming weeks and months.

Here’s the Bing Maps blog post announcing “EveryScape Eats” and other Map apps as well.

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8 Responses to “EveryScape Integrates into Bing Maps”

  1. Jozef Foerch Says:

    A smart partnership by Bing to enhance the content of it’s Local Listings for sure!

  2. Patricia Says:

    EveryScape already offered great services allowing users to create photo-realistic, 3D interpretations of real -world locations. So now that it has been integrated into Bing maps, it is going to become a great tool for businesses.

  3. Aliza Britney Says:

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  5. Kyle Says:

    Hi. What is this 3D Street View Product that never seems to get released? http://www.earthmine.com/index

    I’ve seen the site talk about it for several years and they have a thing called Wild Style City which is based off of San Francisco but no actual product to see unlike Google or EveryScape.

    • Kyle Says:

      Also how do I access the EveryScape maps as all of a sudden it’s gone! I used to be able to search for businesses but now I just get taken to Every Scape’s home page with no visible links.

      None period.

  6. Kyle Says:

    And please don’t look at me like I’m weird for asking as it makes you look like the weird one.

  7. Greg Sterling Says:

    Earthmine was acquired by Nokia. I’m not sure what’s going on with Everyscape

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