Superpages Adopts Yext Rep Tool for Advertisers

SuperMedia’s Superpages indicated that it will make available the Yext reputation management tool to its advertisers over the next few months. I spoke with Superpages VP Robyn Rose, who said the company evaluated other reputation tools but preferred the comprehensiveness and simplicity of the Yext UI and product generally. It’s also free.

Superpages happens to be one of the local sites that Yext Rep tracks.

I asked Rose who she anticipated the primary user of the product would be. She opined that a vanguard group of savvy local advertisers would use Yext Rep. But she added that beyond this it would probably be Superpages’ sales and account reps who would initially tap the product and convey the information to advertiser-clients. Rose said that the capabilities that Yext Rep offers are of interest to Superpages’ advertisers; informal discussions with SMBs have indicated this to the company.

Reputation/presence management is quickly becoming a must-have capability for local publishers, even if most SMB advertisers might be inhibited somewhat in the use of these tools.

Competing products in the market specifically targeting SMBs include (not in any specific order of preference or priority):

  • Marchex
  • Yellowbot
  • Vendasta’s StepRep
  • MyRepMan from Moon Valley Software
  • Palore’s AmIVisible
  • GetListed
  • Citysearch is also reportedly developing one for its advertisers

I’m sure there are others that I’ve missed here. And there’s a large category of enterprise level “listening” or “buzz monitoring” services that have been around for several years.

Here’s my earlier, more comprehensive discussion of the Yext Rep tool: .


Update: The TechCrunch piece that was just brought to my attention gets some of the information wrong BTW. (It’s not going to automatically roll out to all Superpages advertisers.)


3 Responses to “Superpages Adopts Yext Rep Tool for Advertisers”

  1. Mike Stewart Says:

    Greg, have you seen yet?

    He is working on incorporating “sharethis” and Facebook plug-ins to the site I hear.

    Btw, Nice to know the will add some new web2.0 content to the SuperSalesPitch!

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    I think I came across them some time ago but haven’t spoken to them.

  3. Mike Stewart Says:

    I have been communicating a few ideas of improvement…..

    Do you mind doing some research or sharing thoughts on “price” and location for local search? Who is in the game as far as product/service pricing whether subscription or database mgmt?

    Also, I am looking at ReRemind as a value added service……. never thought so many online innovations for small businesses would have come to fruition so quickly!

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