Google’s Matt Cutts on ‘May Day’ Changes

Last week Andrew Shotland identified traffic drops being experienced by some local publishers. I blogged about the phenomenon in .

Here’s what Le Comte de Shotland observed from the “May Day” algorithmic update that Google began phasing in around the first of last month:

I have already seen the impact on a couple of large sites that I monitor, as well as on smaller sites.  In the case of the large sites, the traffic has drifted downward, with a couple of extreme drops, and in the case of the smaller sites traffic growth has either flattened or slowed down to barely noticeable.

Matt Cutts addresses the issue, though doesn’t discuss local sites in particular:

Summary: It’s an algorithm change, it’s automated, it affects “long-tail” searches more than “head” searches, and it’s more or less permanent. Cutts says, in effect, beef up your content (and quality) to rank higher if you’re a bland long-tail site.


9 Responses to “Google’s Matt Cutts on ‘May Day’ Changes”

  1. Andrew Shotland Says:

    j’suis d’accor

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Bien Sur!

  3. Stan Gauss Says:

    “beef up your content (and quality) to rank higher if you’re a bland long-tail site”

    Haven’t you and Andrew been preaching this for years?

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    In a general sort of way, yes.

  5. David B Says:

    If large sites are losing traffic, as well as smaller sites…..where’s going the traffic? (retorical question, it’s driven to Google of course…)

    Are they cheating us?

  6. Greg Sterling Says:

    Presumably the traffic is going to “higher quality” sites.

  7. David Mihm Says:

    I haven’t seen any drop in traffic on my clients’ local sites. I think this algo may have affected largely boilerplated content like that found on the typical IYP. More reason to get reviews and richer UGC on as many business profile pages as possible, as Andrew has already pointed out.

    Greg, who made Andrew a Comte!!??

  8. Greg Sterling Says:

    I did of course!

  9. Michael Says:

    Great information although I have not seen an significant changes in traffic on my clients sites…

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