MyRepMan: Yet Another Strong Reputation Tool

My tour through the various SMB presence and reputation management platforms continues. Late last week I spoke with Pete Ryan and Damian Rollison of Moon Valley Software. They showed me their MyRepMan product, which has been in development for the past couple years. Another impressive product, it appears to me to be the broadest one I’ve encountered in this growing area.

Among the things it does, MyRepMan identifies the presence or absence of business listings on relevant local sites and scores each business. It provides detail from individual directories and search engines. It captures mentions and reviews and also seeks to integrate paid advertising placement into the dashboard.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate most of this functionality (click to expand):

Like the YellowBot reputation product, StepRep and maybe even Yext, MyRepMan has more “horsepower” than most SMBs can be expected to utilize. Indeed, a tiny subset of the overall population will take advantage of all these tools have to offer. The primary audience for most of these products may turn out to be sales or account reps working with SMBs and not SMBs themselves. Moon Valley in fact developed MyRepMan as a sales aid for one of the yellow pages publishers.


Moon Valley’s Damian Rollison offers his own overview of the MyRepMan product and its capabilities.


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  1. Stan Gauss Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Full disclosure: LocalHabit will be repackaging the MyRepMan product into a “Freemium” play called RepShield later this summer.

    MyRepMan offers an API that will allow publishers to tone down the “horsepower” if the publisher thinks they need to. Reputation management beyond the delivery of reports will need to be handled on a consultative basis in the near term. I’ve been in front of customers with MyRepMan and seen the realization in their eyes when they noticed content issues and negative reviews.

    I truly believe the key to the success of any of these products will be the ability to put it in the hands of trusted consultants and have them walk the business owner through the report as well as providing proactive steps and support for handling the negative press. In the past three months, in my small beach town in New Jersey, there has been two points of awareness for the SMB — the negative press Yelp had in the beginning of the year, whether warranted or not and Facebook’s Open Graph.

  2. Moon Valley Software » Greg Sterling on MyRepMan Says:

    […] search commentator Greg Sterling has a post on his Screenwerk blog today entitled “MyRepMan: Yet Another Strong Reputation Tool.” We had a pleasant talk with Greg last […]

  3. Greg Sterling Says:


    I generally agree with you that it will be a CSR or account rep or sales rep that will be the primary user of these services and the SMB will get a report that is mostly top level

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