Yext Launches Rep Mgmt Platform

Today Yext launched a reputation management platform that it hopes will be broadly adopted by not only SMBs but also some of its competitors. Here’s Yext’s description of its new Yext Dashboard:

The Yext Dashboard is a one-stop destination to manage online reputation and advertising services. The Yext Dashboard contains a real-time feed that shows the constant flow of reviews, tweets, Facebook wall posts, alerts and other information, allowing business owners to monitor and manage how their reputation is being affected in real-time. The Yext Dashboard also allows third–party providers to develop tools and services that integrate into the Yext Dashboard and feed.

The interface is elegant and simple. There are basically three views:

  • Feed (all activity from covered sites, including Facebook and Twitter mentions)
  • Rep (this shows the sources of the various mentions and reviews)
  • Ads (this can show ads and/or calls if you’re  a Yext subscriber)


The interface allows users to sort by source, time and locations (if you own a multi-location business). There are also some non-traditional sources. SMBs can filter by specific source, as mentioned, to see only the comments coming, for example, from Yelp or Foursquare or Superpages, etc:

Like other comparable products SMBs can see where there listings appear and where they do not — and go right to those sites to update, add or correct them.

The “Ads” view will hypothetically show ads from any third party site, but will also show “calls” (recordings/transcripts) from Yext. Yext hopes that it will boost advertiser adoption of Yext but CEO Howard Lerman  also said that he hopes others, including Yext competitors, will write apps that can appear in this dashboard.

Many reputation management products now in the market, including Marchex, Yellowbot and Steprep, among others, are being sold directly or bundled as part of premium packages. The Yext Dashboard is free.

I’ve had three calls in the past 72 hours with companies offering reputation and/or presence management products for SMBs. It’s very clear to me that reputation management and related services are quickly becoming a mandatory part of the SMB offering.


6 Responses to “Yext Launches Rep Mgmt Platform”

  1. Jozef Foerch Says:

    Can’t wait to play with this….

  2. Yext Rep - Real Time SMB Reputation Management Says:

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  3. Hornswaggled Says:

    Looks pretty nice, will like to see how it grows and morphs in the coming year. Offering this service free of charge should get the ball rolling in the area pretty quickly. How cool would it be to update business listings through a write once and an update everywhere feed or api, something along the lines of a but with more teeth.

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  5. Blog Says:

    Online Reputation: Real-Time Monitoring & Management mit “Yext Rep”…

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  6. Joshua Steimle Says:

    Yesterday my company was contacted by Yext. They want us to place their listings on our directories (we have a sub company named DeclareMedia that runs about 2,500 local business directories). They would give us javascript to publish their listings on our directories.

    My questions are; has anyone here had an experience with Yext from this side of things, vs. being a customer, and it seems to me that if I’m publishing a bunch of their listings on my directories, doesn’t that mean I’ve got a ton of duplicate content that’s also on 50 other websites out there?

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