Yellowbook a Leading Android App

I was playing around in the Android Market last night and noticed that Yellowbook’s app is one of the top free apps — period. That was impressive to me.

It’s the top app in the “Shopping” category and a top 10 app (#10) among all free apps.

Even though there are still fewer Android than iPhone users, it has got to be the top mobile platform for the company.

This demonstrates that mobile can be a potentially meaningful driver of direct traffic for YP publishers.

3 Responses to “Yellowbook a Leading Android App”

  1. RH Says:

    that might be because they suppress…as it is from Verizon’s rival AT&T…and Superpages doesn’t seem to have a mobile app. If you go not too far down you’ll find a generic Yellow Pages directory as a top free app as well.

    yellowbook sucks.

  2. Shel Says:

    YP is not suppressed. The apps are ranked according to users downloads and usage. So if you have a great app that people use and find valuable, it will be ranked high. Yellowbooks apps are consistently ranked high because of this.

  3. Mike Stewart Says:

    Shel is right, the application is not suppressed. It is one of the best on the Android market for local search. Although I prefer an application specific to what I am looking for, such as UrbanSpoon,, or other specific applications. I also find Google’s mobile browser quality enough that you really don’t need an application from YPs. I am sure mobile local search will continue to be fragmented, it is obvious that if you build a nice app, as is the case with YellowBook, they will come…. or is it… they will download?

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