Firefox Update Screws Up Rendering

I just updated to the latest Mac version of Firefox per a prompt on my browser. After the upgrade much of the text on my screen looks like this:

Hello Chrome . . .

Update: Now I see I unwittingly downloaded the beta for 3.6.4 and its crashing and screwed up the Internet. I don’t know why I was prompted to download it. I suppose it’s my fault for not looking more carefully at the message and mindlessly updating like some sort of Pavlovian fool.

4 Responses to “Firefox Update Screws Up Rendering”

  1. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    Have you tried Chrome? Tried it months ago, never went back to FF.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Tried chrome when it first was released for Mac; wasn’t compatible then with all sites. Now much better but still not 100%.

  3. WG Moore Says:

    Have you gone to the settings and checked the font? Sometiimes it is just a setting for the defaults. Might have a look.

  4. WG Moore Says:

    Ah, I should have read further. My condolences. I tend to do the same thing. MS is always updating my computer and invariably screwing things up beyond belief. I recently had to rebuild an entire system because an upgrade(?) locked up my entire development machine. Total disaster.

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