Incredible, Evo and the iPhone

Once again I’m facing a mobile phone dilemma. Although a Sprint customer for over 10 years I’m perpetually flirting with leaving, either for the iPhone or cheaper comparable service from T-Mobile.

I bought the Pre, buying the hype, only to discover its profound limitations as an Internet device — especially compared to the iPhone. I’ve also owned or extensively tested several Android phones: the HTC Magic/MyTouch3G, the Nexus One and, now, the HTC Incredible.

Maybe it’s because I’ve already used the N1, or potentially because I now have an iPad, but I’m unimpressed by the Incredible. That’s right; I may be the only one.

I like the N1 better. It felt more substantial. I also find I’m not a fan of the HTC “Sense” interface. And it’s no longer as “fun” to browse the Internet on a smartphone after the iPad.

Android devices have gotten better and better but they still don’t trump the iPhone in my view for overall ease of use and functionality. There are a number of things that are nicer on Android than the iPhone but the “fit and finish” and certain aspects of the UI and general usability don’t measure up. As one example, the HTC Android keyboard remains weak by comparison.

What I’d really like is an iPhone on Sprint (or Verizon). But it doesn’t appear that one will be forthcoming for some time (maybe until 2012). Regardless of the existence of an exclusive deal this is a  bonehead move for Apple. Verizon is selling Droids two for one right now.

I’m now looking at the Evo (the first 4G phone) from Sprint. The additional speed would be a benefit but most actual speeds will not reach true 4G. If I’m honest I feel a sense of disappointment when I consider extending my contract for another two years for this device. But I don’t want to switch to AT&T.

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  1. Sean Says:

    Maybe the upcoming Android 2.2 will give you more of the fit and finish?

    Curious about Evo, too, but love the ergonomics of N1 it just feels right.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    We’ll see. I’ll be at I/O

  3. Mickey Says:

    I have an N1 (and I love it), but I agree completely about the fit and finish. However, other aspects of the device won me over — multitasking, the superb notification bar, true Gmail, etc.

    As for the keyboard, that’s where Android shines; there are about a dozen alternatives that you can download and/or purchase in the market. Some have different shaped keys, different colors, different features, etc. I’m using one called “Smart Keyboard” and I’m pretty happy with it.

    I agree that the iPhone keyboard is quite solid, but you’re stuck with it. At least on Android you get a choice.

  4. Mike Blumenthal Says:

    What has been the lost opportunity cost of not having bought the iPhone when you first thought about it? 🙂

  5. Rich H Says:

    So I’m actually looking at moving from my iPhone to the EVO 4G. Crazy? Maybe, but my AT&T experience has been horrible. I LOVE the iPhone interface, etc – but am growing bored with the devise. What’s everyone’s opinon of Sprints cell coverage?

  6. Greg Sterling Says:

    Sprint’s network is very good. AT&T is frustrating, yes. Which is why I won’t switch.

  7. Rich H. Says:

    Mossberg’s Review:

  8. Chris Says:

    I guess this comparison is now getting a bit old – funny how fast things are moving. We’re a small startup and we just launched our web app to compare mobile phones. It isn’t just a spec dump its an analysis of why one might consider each phone and where they sit within the complete phone spectrum.

    You can check out the iphone 4 vs evo 4g comparison here:

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