No Posts Until Friday

I’ll be offline until Friday. Stress detox. Lots of green tea — that sort of thing.

No posts here or at Internet2Go until then.

5 Responses to “No Posts Until Friday”

  1. Rich Rosen Says:

    Costco has very good green tea. 100 to a box. Alternate w the Acai!

  2. Dogma Says:

    Try YerbaMate’ ……..Green Tea on steroids. WholeFoods.

  3. Maxine Says:

    Green Lemonade Greg – best detox is raw juicing (kale/spinach/celery/apple/lemon/ginger). I can share more if you are serious (I have a feeling you’re not going there).

  4. Greg Sterling Says:


    Might be interested. Got food poisoning over the weekend.

  5. Maxine Says:

    Ugh! Sorry to hear Greg. A woman I know Natalia is a detox expert and she has a great blog on the subject as does the founder of NYC’s Pure Food and Wine Sarma: – happy to share more about my own experiences offline.

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