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Several years ago, probably about five or six now, someone who was a “higher-up” in a branded local publisher approached me about starting a conference targeting small businesses, helping educate them about online marketing. I was at The Kelsey Group at the time and he was at his company. The inertia around what we were doing was too great to pursue this idea. But I knew it was a very good idea.

Now David Mihm and crew have essentially created that conference series with GetListed Local University. This is a road show, a one-day intensive for SMBs on . . . online marketing. Right now it’s being underwritten in part by Bing and Google. The folks that are behind it are supremely ethical and they’re not pitching anyone’s services, nor would they.

But if you’re a local publisher or interested in SMB ad dollars (and you know who you are) it might make sense for you to think about participating in these events if only indirectly.

You can reach David Mihm at davidmihm [at] (I get nothing for promoting this; it’s just a good idea.)

3 Responses to “Get to Know GetListed Local University”

  1. David Mihm Says:

    Greg, thanks for such kind words. We’ve had interest from a lot of different fronts, which does make us think we’re on to something 🙂 At the moment, we are most interested in partnering with groups who can help us spread the word about our events & engage as many SMB’s as possible–as you pointed out yesterday–they need a lot of help online!

  2. Chris Travers Says:

    This is an excellent initiative to introduce more businesses, not just search insiders, to the growing value and complexities of Local Search. We see hundreds or questions and expressions of interest from businesses that know this topic is important but cannot make it to the big centers for the national conferences. We at Universal Business Listing ( see a big need for these events and are happy to be one of the sponsors too!

  3. Mike Stewart Says:

    How can I help?

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