Foursquare Adds ‘Like’ Button to Profiles

Foursquare is the latest to integrate the Like button from Facebook:

Beyond Yelp and YPG in Canada, and now Foursquare, who else in local is using Like?


6 Responses to “Foursquare Adds ‘Like’ Button to Profiles”

  1. Jezhug Says:

    Facebooks like button is surely taking over the internet. Some online games I play have also implemented the like button!

  2. Chad Burgess Says:

    Nice use of Sushi Boom 2! I am completely on board with this push away from pizza/plumber local examples – you have convinced me.

    I was checking out, CityVoter, DexKnows, and Citysquares – they don’t have like buttons.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:


    Interesting . . . don’t know whether they’re ambivalent or just slow to adopt.

  4. Chad Burgess Says:

    Is it possible that they are unclear of the long-term implications (and thus apprehensive)? I am thinking back to your post regarding how sites like Yelp will have to implement the FB ‘Like’ as it is a “hot” feature, but that in the long run it will give Facebook data ownership and a lot more local leverage and relevancy.

  5. Greg Sterling Says:

    I think they’re not worried about the long-term implications. I think they’re just thinking about the immediate viral benefits.

  6. Chad Burgess Says:

    Slow release cycles I guess. It’s funny that some of these local tech companies have slow moving dev. teams.

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