Trulia Pushing Mobile in Newsletter

I just received the newest Trulia newsletter and it puts mobile front and center:

Trulia says that about 10% of its traffic comes from mobile devices. Zillow told me about the same number, spiking to 15% on weekends.

Trulia recently added rental listings, which CEO Pete Flint said were even more likely to be searched on mobile devices in his view. But this is clearly not a case where mobile is cannibalizing traditional PC search behavior. It’s very much a complement to PC usage and an illustration of how local sites need to offer good mobile experiences — to deliver utility but also to cement loyalty.


4 Responses to “Trulia Pushing Mobile in Newsletter”

  1. MrOpinionated Says:

    I would love to see Zillow automatically activate my GPS and center my position on the screen for those weekend neighborhood drives. Of course this is just me being lazy and I can always find my position on the screen of my Nexus One using the Zillow app but….just saying…it would make it easier.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    You should make that suggestion to them.

  3. Dunes Says:

    Will this…
    In the complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, Smarter Agent alleges that the companies named in the suit violated three of its technology patents, all of which allow users to access real estate information via a mobile device. The suit alleges infringement by “making, using, importing, providing, offering to sell, and selling (directly or through intermediaries), infringing products and/or services.”

    since Trulia is one of those named have any impact on the products they push or should it be of concern to those using them

  4. Dunes Says:

    Apologize for not leaving Source link….

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