My Plan to Overthrow ‘Pizza’ with ‘Sushi’

Pizza (or plumbers) is always the local search example used in demos and discussions. My plan has been to supplant “pizza” with “sushi.” I use “sushi” in all my examples at conferences and on this blog as a “generic” local search.

If you watch this video interview with Bing’s local product head Mikko Ollila you’ll see him use the “sushi” example unselfconsciously. My (secret) scheme is working 🙂


4 Responses to “My Plan to Overthrow ‘Pizza’ with ‘Sushi’”

  1. Chris Butler Says:

    For a while people I knew always referenced Thai food for some reason. With personalization (like avatars, profile page themes, etc.) it was Hello Kitty.

  2. Mike Says:

    Yeah I’m down with that. In fact I subconsciously started using sushi as example term years ago. Damn you’re good at this.

  3. Simon Baptist Says:

    Since LSS ’09 I’m using Sushi instead of Pizza – Guess Sensis didn’t get the memo!

  4. Shawna Says:

    An old colleague of mine used Sushi as well. I’m partial to Cupcakes for two reasons, I really like cupcakes and you can get some interesting results with cupcakes.

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