MerchantCircle Releases API

MerchantCircle has released an API, which allows third parties to incorporate or build on top of the company’s content and listings:

  • Over 2 million pieces of unique, merchant-generated content such as blog postings, videos, and pictures.
  • Over 650,000 local business reviews contributed by local consumers
  • Over 350,000 current, local deals and coupons created by local businesses
  • Over 80,000 questions and 100,000 Answers from the MerchantCircle Answers Program

Companies that will be utilizing this include Citysearch/CityGrid,, HelloMetro, 8coupons and Locomatix.

Between MerchantCircle, Facebook, Twitter, CityGrid, Foursquare and other local APIs in the market, the amount of local content available is exploding. There’s also a ton of valuable local content locked up in Yahoo! Answers right now too.

It used to be that there was a shortage of local data and reviews, now we’re almost approaching the opposite problem. Now the challenge becomes de-duping, integrating and elegantly presenting this via the PC and mobile devices.

We’re in a new era in local for sure.


10 Responses to “MerchantCircle Releases API”

  1. Mark Josephson Says:

    Greg, couldn’t agree more. This is why we’ve been so focused on how best to aggregate and add value through deeper organization. Congrats to Merchant Circle on their API release.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


    We’re probably due for an update

  3. Mark Josephson Says:

    We’re close to some new things to talk about, so will ping you when ready?

  4. Greg Sterling Says:


  5. the718 Says:

    I wonder if the “ratings & reviews” era has reached its peak?

  6. Greg Sterling Says:

    Not completely but it may be “succeeded” or more likely supplemented by friends recommendations and top lists/tips

  7. JD Says:

    I came across another local search post with a full list of API’s available. My question is, how do you integrate all these API’s into a website. I have a local business directory (running on wordpress) but I am not a developer so I have no clue how to go about this. Are there any plugins available to use the API data from the various local sites? Appreciate any help!

    • the718 Says:

      do you have a link for the post with the list of available API’s? would love to check it out. thanks!

  8. Greg Sterling Says:

    You’ll have to talk to an engineer or developer. I can’t help you on a technical question

  9. Greg Sterling Says:

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