InsiderPages Finds Its Voice with Doc Finder

InsiderPages, which was purchased several years ago by Citysearch/IAC, just introduced reviews of doctors and dentists. It joins Angie’s List and ZocDoc in offering this information. There are a couple of smaller sites that do a version of this as well, including

Angie’s List is a subscription-based model and ZocDoc doesn’t have the same national review coverage. ZocDoc does offer online appointment booking however.

The ratings content here comes from InsiderPages’ and Citysearch reviews and from a partnership with HealthGrades. The key innovation, not totally unique to InsiderPages, is the ability to sort by insurance carrier as well as other criteria:

Most people today are forced to go to their carriers’ sites, which generally offer a bad user experience and little or no valuable information about the doctor or dentist him or herself.

In addition to the insurance carrier filter, users can filter or sort by medical specialty, distance, gender, language, board certifications (and the all important “clean record”). InsiderPages GM Eric Peacock told me that he thought they had reviews for roughly one-third of all doctors and dentists in the US, with higher coverage in major metros.

In addition to reviews InsiderPages is providing HealthGrades’ patient survey information, which offers responses to standardized questions about the patient experience with the doctor or dentist:

When I spoke to Peacock yesterday it immediately struck me that this area would help define InsiderPages. He said that indeed doctor finder will become an area of emphasis and focus for the site, though it will still offer restaurant reviews and other categories.

He also said that over time the business/ad model would probably move into lead-gen for the doctors and dentists on the site.

As a side note, InsiderPages is going to probably get a ton of SEO traffic here as they create pages like “Family Practice Doctors San Francisco.” This is an advantage that the site has over virtually all the competitors in this segment.

5 Responses to “InsiderPages Finds Its Voice with Doc Finder”

  1. Will Scott Says:

    This is a really smart move for InsiderPages. There are a few verticals who are oversaturated with vertical directories and underrepresented in general IYP. Doctors are among them.

    Hopefully InsiderPages will pay as much attention to SEO as Yelp has.


  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    They discussed that with me yesterday. They’re very aware of the opportunity.

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