Google Places Decal Virgin No More!

Today while stealing a few minutes to grab a burrito for lunch I saw my first Google Places decal “in the wild.” Sure I’ve been talking and writing about them for a long time (seemingly) but I’ve never actually seen one in the window until today.

The only use case in which the QR code makes sense (from my POV) is when a place is closed and the consumer is looking for reviews or other information about the business. Otherwise you could just go in and talk to someone, look at menus, etc.

From a marketing standpoint I think the Facebook “Like” SMS decal message makes more sense — although as someone pointed out to me recently the Facebook decal doesn’t explicitly reveal what happens if you comply. The subsequent messages do however.


3 Responses to “Google Places Decal Virgin No More!”

  1. David Mihm Says:

    Jeez, really, this is the first you’ve seen in quasi-silicon valley? Wow.

    Then again, my next door neighbor media company, whom I’ve never seen mentioned anywhere else around town, had one as part of the first wave.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    I’m sure they’re around . . . maybe I’m not paying close enough attention.

  3. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    Illustrates how FB understands the social web better than Google. Their decal invites engagement. Google’s decal invites nothing unless you are one of the few non-technical people who know what a QR code is.

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