Consumer Reports: ‘Social Insecurity’

In a report intended to be somewhat inflammatory, stoke fear and sell magazines accordingly, Consumer Reports reveals data from its latest “State of the Net” survey. Here are two public bullets of interest to me:

  • 52% of adult users of social networks such as Facebook and MySpace have posted risky personal information online (personal information, street address, kids photos, etc.)
  • 23% of the users of Facebook . . . either didn’t know that site offered privacy controls or chose not to use them

There’s lots of stuff about scams, fraud, malware and so on. I cite the report as further evidence that a meaningful number of Facebook users don’t fully understand privacy on the site and/or aren’t aware of the potential exposure of their information beyond their immediate friends on Facebook.


Related: EFF doesn’t Like Facebook Connections and points out all the privacy issues.


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  1. Rich Says:

    I’m guilty of that myself (kids pictures), but haven’t gotten a chance to go back in and clear them out. Got sick of the ongoing high school reunion fairly quickly and have been avoiding Facebook mostly the past few months. Time to break down and wade in — thanks for the info!

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