Notes about SMX Session Pitches

Lately I find myself having to choose from a tough field of strong speakers for my panels at SMX events. The upcoming SMX Advanced is no exception. The “Search Funnel” session has 17 pitches, at least 10 of which are good. Location-based services and mobile also now have quite a few pitches.

Sometimes in going through these pitches I’m confronted by a strong individual accompanied by a weak pitch. The pitch might have been made by a PR person or internal assistant using generic or recycled copy: “Bob X can speak about this vague laundry list of topics that are somewhat related to the particular session topic.”

That approach all but guarantees such people won’t make it on to panels. Occasionally I’ll go back and email the speaker and offer him/her the chance to pitch more directly to the topic and explain a bit more what they’d speak about. But in a session with 3X-4X the number of pitches as available slots I don’t have the time or general inclination to do so. And in a way I can’t really justify it.

So . . . Please make sure (next time) that the pitch responds directly to the session topic and content.


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  1. Michael Martin Says:

    Well judging by the people you selected for the Location panel with Matt Siltala & Will Scott plus the material already being prepared – I think that session alone could compete to be the best one of the conference!

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