Sency, Location & Geotweets

I spoke with Evan Britton, who founded Sency a Twitter search engine. The company (at Chirp) was the first to launch a geographic lens on tweets. Britton refers to it as “real time location search.”

In New York for example I can find out what’s being said about the Times Square bomb in real time:

But one quickly can imagine that it could be used in the same way other engines are used to gain information on local businesses, places and events. The challenge with the “Twitter firehose” is cutting through the noise and organizing and filtering the information in usable ways.

Britton estimated that location information (either via geotagging or place information from Twitter profiles) covers more than 20% of all tweets today. That number, regardless of its precision, will grow as more and more tweets are geotagged.

Citysearch is obviously associating tweets about particular restaurants and places with their profile pages. But there’s a great deal more to come on this front. And those that can do the best job of separating wheat from chaff will be the winners.

You can bet that lots of folks will get into this game as more and more tweets become associated with places. And as Twitter posts are indexed by major search engines and secondary engines such as Sency you can also imagine how Twitter becomes an increasingly effective local-promotional tool for SMBs.

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  1. Filip Says:

    Sency looks like a nice site. But why limit things to 13 cities ? Sites like show you tweets and active users from any place in the world.

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