Angie’s List Now Doing TV Spots

In all the hype and frenzy around LBS and shiny new things, I often forget to mention Angie’s List. People from time to time mention to me that they’ve heard a commercial on the radio or, now, seen TV commercials for Angie’s List. As one of the few subscription-based models in Local the site defies the conventional wisdom.

Yet each time I’ve spoken the Angie Hicks or representatives of Angie’s List they’ve told me that the site continues to grow and that subscriber retention is very high.

Anyone have a sense (empirically or anecdotally) about how they’re doing?

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  1. troy Says:

    Angies list is similar to consumer report where you know the reviews are as objective as possible since there are no built in conflict of interest business models like Yelp and many other sites. The challenge for Angies list is that most Internet users are used to free and willing to take the risk that what’s is on the web is sometimes faults.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Right. Got the model and the value proposition. It’s just under lots of pressure I would imagine. But they always tell me they’re growing.

  3. dave Says:

    our research suggests high churn.

    the service is a glorified yellow pages with little loyalty beyond their printed offerings.

    the data is stale and community features are sub optimal.

    …most companies show and promote the best case/ public face, even if trends point otherwise…just look at the directory business for proof.

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    “Our research suggests high churn.” Consumer/member churn I assume. Can you say anything more about your research and what’s behind it?

  5. Mike Stewart Says:

    Greg, that is like asking for the number of SuperGuarantee subscribers from SuperMedia. Of course they will tell you that things are growing. How else do they get Hedge Fund or Venture Capital Money?

    I would love to hear some real subscriber rates for Angie’s List. I too at one time subscribed and then canceled my membership.

  6. Deborah Marlowe Says:

    Hi: I just saw an “Angie’s List” tv commercial about the floor repair guy who was surreptitiously watching cable and running up the owner’s cable bill. It ran on CNN tonight about 8:11PM (LA) on CNN (May 18th). I did the voiceover for that commercial a couple of years ago and asked for a copy of the final, which I never received. Any chance you might have a copy of that commercial? Would I love to have that! Thanks so much, Deborah Marlowe LA, CA 818 572 5799

  7. Greg Sterling Says:

    YouTube or Angie’s list itself is where i would look.

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