Urbanspoon Supersizes for the iPad

Urbanspoon’s new iPad app is the second entry on the new device from IAC/Citysearch. The first was the relatively undistinguished Cityseries app. But the Urbanspoon translation onto the iPad is a success.

While there’s a good deal more that can be done with the larger “real estate,” Urbanspoon has made the leap well and may reap rewards from being early in on the iPad — as it was on the iPhone (Yelp, take note).

Whereas the iPhone app is all about the “slot machine” experience, the iPad app is all about the map. The same carousel functionality exists here but it’s more discretely up at the top of the screen.

In general I find more “utility” here than on the iPhone version. And, as I said, there’s more than can be done with things like filters, favorites and neighborhoods.

For those that don’t have an iPad (yet), here’s a video of the new Urbanspoon app in action.


2 Responses to “Urbanspoon Supersizes for the iPad”

  1. Dan Entin Says:

    Greg – would be curious to know what you think of ZAGAT TO GO for iPad, which was in the iPad app store at launch.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Wasn’t aware. Will take a look

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