Google Certifications Musical Chairs

In light of the closure of the Google AdWords Reseller program I wanted to point out some of the changes that are going on in the Google certification world. Apparently Google is shuttering the “Google Advertising Professionals” program, which some saw as the alternative to Reseller.

It’s being replaced by a new Google AdWords Certification program. Search Engine Land has more detail; and so does Google.

One question I have is: how much do SMB advertisers (or other clients) care about these designations?


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  1. MrOpinionated Says:

    I have meet with or chatted with hundreds of clients and/or potential clients. I would honestly say that only 2-3% of them even knew about any Google certifications to speak of and therefore it was irrelevant. Not to mention that anyone with one week of time to study could pass this test if they wanted to. What mattered most to each and every client was the ability to convey your knowledge base and expertise (if you will) in a way that they feel is reassuring.

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