Yellowbook First Major YP on iPad

Of course all the iPhone apps work on the iPad and there were already two “independent” yellow pages applications for the iPad. But Yellowbook is the first of the print publishers to release an app for the iPad. Conceptually speaking, it offers a similar experience to that of the company’s iPhone app.

Here’s what the press release says:

[The] Yellowbook iPad application is available for download via the Apple App Store. iPad users can now find nearly any business around the corner — or across the country — with the new Yellowbook iPad App. Its integrated information/maps split screen view — tailor-made for the iPad’s large multi-touch screen — generates results that feature expandable pushpin tags for each business. Tap a pushpin for more information on a business, read reviews, get driving directions powered by Google maps, or tap through to a business’ website. Looking for a night out? Find out what’s playing when at the local movie theater and read up on the case before making a decision.

Here are a few screens:

Caveats and first impressions:

I haven’t compared the same queries side by side on the iPhone app vs. the iPad to document all the similarities and differences. On balance there are more similarities than differences. However the UI has been adapted to accommodate the larger screen, which is significant and more pleasing to use. While this doesn’t entirely take advantage of the capabilities of the new device I would call this a good start and give it a thumbs up.

Here’s an interesting future scenario to consider: In my house let’s say I have print yellow pages, the iPhone (with YP apps), the PC — and now the iPad. Where would I go to do my lookup given access to all of the above? The iPad hands down.

The experience is better than a smartphone and more pleasing and “comfortable” than a PC. It combines the experience of having a print directory on a table or on your lap with the information depth and other advantages of digital.

Any thoughts about all that?


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  1. Mike Mueller Says:

    Although I don’t have an iPad yet, I would tend to agree with you based on the screenshots and demonstrations I’ve seen. The iPad platform seems better suited to this kind of task than the iPhone. As you say, it’s closer to the tactile, print experience.

    Then again, the question is where are most people when they’re looking for businesses and using these IYP apps? Are they walking around or in their car? If so, then the iPhone app will get more use. The iPad doesn’t seem that conveniently transportable. The iPad certainly seems more like a phone book killer because it will reside in the home/office, where people usually have print directories handy. Of course, iPad users can correct me on this assumption.

    What’s interesting to me is that yellowbook was the first of the IYP providers to jump on this. AT&T’s gets more traffic but always seem to be a few steps behind.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


    People will use the iPad at home or in the office. And I do agree that this might most directly affect print. But it could also steal PC based lookups. Google continues to insist, however, that mobile isn’t impacting pc search volumes.

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