Localeze Is Now Like CityGrid (in a Way)

I got an update from Localeze yesterday. The company, which is still typically thought of as a local database provider, is evolving into something different. It still provides the local listings database to publishers and local sites. But it is seeking to be a kind of content hub between advertisers/local businesses/franchises and the many and varied online (and mobile) local distribution points:

  • Search engines
  • Directories
  • Verticals
  • Non-traditional local sites (mobile)

I wrote about this some time ago when the company’s new strategy emerged, although it has continued to evolve.

Localeze  has direct relationships with thousands of local (SMB) businesses and national-local businesses. As Localeze’s Jeff Beard was discussing all this with me it struck me that Localeze was now much more like CityGrid than database vendor Axciom.

CityGrid is taking in content (advertisers) and distributing those advertisers and its editorial content to multiple local consumers destinations online and mobile sites/apps. Localeze is is doing a version of the same thing, while trying to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data for the “ecosystem.” Its business model is just a slightly different one; it’s not distributing advertisers per se.

Localeze sees itself more broadly becoming the arbiter of local data for its partner engines/sites as well as the insurer of quality and accuracy for its thousands of local business customers across the Internet. As the one-to-many entry point for many of these businesses Localeze is also doing something that is conceptually similar to what UBL aspires to.

Beard and I spoke about how many people — even in “the industry” — don’t really recognize what Localeze is or is doing today. But in a way he doesn’t care, because his customers all seem to understand.


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