AT&T Formally Announces YP Brand Change

This morning AT&T put out a press release formally announcing as the flagship brand for its yellow pages site:

AT&T Interactive today introduced YP.COM, the new YELLOWPAGES.COM, as its evolved flagship web property and brand. Powered by its proprietary local search technology, YP.COM draws from AT&T’s history and success in local search to provide innovative solutions that connect consumers with businesses. . .

From the start of the search experience, YP.COM promotes discovery through predictive text search technology that automatically suggests potential search terms as a user enters a business name or category. Search results, supported by YP.COM’s database of over 21M business listings[i], allow users to filter results by neighborhood, Video Profiles and business coupons. Giving users more reasons to explore, YP.COM leads to more consumer engagement, which means advertisers have a better opportunity to connect with engaged consumers who are ready to make a decision about where to dine, catch a movie or stay while away from home. While in beta testing, advertisers averaged a 28 percent increase in calls and clicks per search[ii] as a result of placement on YP.COM.

The site expands beyond traditional YP to include events and other information. I wrote about the change yesterday when I stumbled upon it.

I agree with the brand change because it makes the site much more flexible for the inclusion of additional types local information and content.

3 Responses to “AT&T Formally Announces YP Brand Change”

  1. Frank Says:

    AT&T spent $100 million to purchase the domain name “” Then in the last 4-5 years they spent at least another $100 million building the brand. That’s good for domain squatters, good for ad agencies, but bad for stock holders. $200 million … flussshhh.

  2. Tomas Says:

    I agree. The brand makes no sense. Why pee? People won’t make the association in the new demographic.

  3. Jason Hyman Says:

    regardless of the new name, the new features of the IYP are a step in the right direction.
    I am not sure the best place to put this link but I think this is a relevant post because I would be curious to get your feedback.

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