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AT&T’s site is now “redirecting” to

I misspoke as a technical matter when I said that. It’s not actually redirecting; rather it’s showing as the brand for the URL “”

Apparently is the “brand” that BellSouth and SBC paid nearly $100M to acquire a number of years ago. However the site offers an expanded “definition” of yellow pages in accordance with a rapidly shifting local online landscape.

AT&T Interactive’s new effort is slated to launch in the relatively near future.


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  1. Mike Stewart Says:

    Makes very little sense. YP is synonymous with Yellow Pages. What is the difference?, giving Eric Chandler and his former team consisting of Chris Smith, some credit here, makes much more sense. Considering that Local Search is also Yellow Pages. is not very keyword rich.

    Wonder what effect this will have on the sites ranking with Google. Probably very little if any.

  2. AhmedF Says:

    Doesn’t redirect for me btw.

  3. Chris Silver Smith Says:

    I actually like the apparent rebranding plan. As I wrote on SEL last week, I think there’s some indications that the legacy “yellow pages” generic brand name may be eroding in the public’s mind. As such, company brands that are too closely tied to that generic industry brand could be fighting an uphill battle to retain brandname recognition and a separate identity.

    I think AT&T’s move is a very smart one – shifting over to divests them of a lot of that legacy baggage and too-close association with a possibly-eroding brandname, while the is a bit more abstract and can thus be more flexible – it can be applied to more than directories. And, the popularity of mobile + microblogging & Twitter will work well with the super-brief brand, too.

    For my more detailed commentary:

    Also, I can’t take credit for the purchase of “” – that happened after I left, although I believe that domain was applied to one of the sites I worked upon,

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    Agree that is a more flexiible brand.

    • paolo cellini Says:

      do you think this will change the consumer reason why consumer
      should search on a yellow pages directory?
      re-branding is fine but where is the new product ?

  5. Mike Stewart Says:

    Chris, thanks for chiming in and clarifying. I wonder whose direction the purchase was made under. Briggs or Eric? Hmmm.

    I disagree on it being a worth while rebranding plan, but a shorter url may also good thing in my opinion.

    Seems everyone is rebranding names and logos in the space. For some it is due to a terrible reputation, and for others it is to evolve.

    Great article Chris.

  6. AT&T Formally Announces YP Brand Change « Screenwerk Says:

    […] site expands beyond traditional YP to include events and other information. I wrote about the change yesterday when I stumbled upon it […]

  7. Greg Sterling Says:

    Apparently the new product will roll out over time and evolve.

  8. richard fleig (a able locksmith) Says:

    the site I signed up for is no longer being showed. Isn’t this bait & switch? I would not have signed and paid for this new ad, which I had no opportunity to pre-approve. I feel AT&T pulled a bait & switch and lowered my ad to next to nothing. I want out, and a refund.

  9. Greg Sterling Says:

    At&t is trying to improve the consumer experience to generate more traffic and presumably more leads to advertisers. I can’t comment on your particular situation Richard. But the old-style YP sites that were advertiser-centric to the detriment of the consumer experience were doomed to die a slow death.

  10. pharmacy Says:

    Hopefully with this new change i will be able to still find my local pharmacy. I am just so used to using a phone book to find the different businesses that i want to go to, its going to be an adjustment when it comes to looking for everything online.

  11. Ryan Westover Says:

    I would not refer my worst enemy to this company…ATT, AT&T,, dont care what they call themselves they sign you & forget you! They have cost my business thousands of dollars & all I have is a load of emty promises.

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