Citysearch Offers New iPad ‘Magazine’

Citysearch is the first of the local directories to offer an iPad app. It’s called Cityseries. Here’s what the press release says:

Cityseries allows users to find the best restaurants, bars, shopping, spas and more in top metros, based on the acclaimed advice of Citysearch editors and expert users across the United States.  The new app features Citysearch’s top lists, great picks complete with business profile information, and local deals in a new innovative digital magazine format that allows users to review recommendations and discover new businesses.

Here are a few screens:

This is a great idea. But the execution right now falls a bit short.

The content needs to be beefed up and some additional things need to be “tweaked” to make this truly useful and engaging. But it’s an interesting start and effort to make the leap from iPhone app to iPad. Citysearch has much more content that can and should be included in an iPad “magazine” such as this.

However there’s an interesting model and a great deal of potential here.


3 Responses to “Citysearch Offers New iPad ‘Magazine’”

  1. Mike Stewart Says:

    Next time remind me to login before typing out a long comment. 😦

    As I stated in my blog, I am sure SuperMedia will try to convert into a product for the iPad. They converted Inceptor’s Bid Center into a paid search platform.

    I am anxious to see what evolves over the next few months in local search for the iPad. Hopefully the price drops around Christmas and Apple has plenty of stock. I am sure they will sell many units!

  2. Nicholas Says:

    By imposing UX constraints on ipad app designers, we’ll see more innovation. It forces the designers to rethink how to solve problems and figure out ways to overcome the obstacles rather than just rehash the same old. I bet we’ll see some great ipad interfaces that just aren’t practical on desktops in the near future.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    I agree

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