Where 2 Discussions Yesterday

I had a range of fascinating discussions yesterday with people at the Where show:

  • Tellmewhere (the France-based social directory, chiefly on the iPhone)
  • MapQuest about a bunch of new stuff coming
  • Placecast about geofencing (65% of people receiving ShopAlerts in their trial went into the store and bought something. Ka-ching!) and cleaning up location data
  • Locomatix, a new “real-time” location platform (right now ahead of the general level of sophistication in the market)
  • Everyscape: many partner announcements coming
  • Ted Morgan about Skyhook Wireless’ new “local favs” SDK for developers to add location pages to any app
  • Tyler Bell (formerly of Yahoo) now at AlikeList
  • Perry Evans of Closely

The local market is changing and the confluence of new marketing platforms, social communication and mobile devices is going to radically alter it for both businesses and consumers. The past several years of “local search” will probably, in retrospect, resemble a quaint “Jurassic” period five to seven years from now.


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