Where 2.0: GOOG, MSFT, YHOO, Yelp

Yesterday at the Where 2.0 show I watched the big search engines (and Yelp) discuss local. It was a short, 35-minute panel and in some ways it was similar to a Kelsey or Borrell panel but also quite different in the context of the developer-centric Where show.

From a product standpoint this is the hottest show about local because it cuts across domains: mobile, social, local. However I’m running the only discussion on monetization later today at 2pm Pacific. The conference has historically not cared about business models and making money; it’s mostly about “cool stuff.”

I’ve written up what I could capture of the local panel discussion at Search Engine Land.

What you see crystallizing at this show are the connections between mobile, local and social and you get a sense of how the entire market is accelerating. Foursquare epitomizes this but the trend is by no means limited to Foursquare.


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