Kijiji Becomes ‘eBay Classifieds’

Having stalled in the US, eBay renames and rebrands Kijiji as “eBay Classifieds“:

Arguably eBay should have done this from the start but I suppose the thought was that the company needed an entirely new brand. Outside the US eBay operates multiple classifieds sites, some of which it acquired. Kijiji launched in the US in July 2007, sewing the seeds of discord with Craigslist that turned into litigation.

The new eBay Classifieds is “family friendly” (read: no Craigslist escorts and “casual encounters”) and has a “trusted brand.” One question is whether that brand will renew the site’s momentum.


10 Responses to “Kijiji Becomes ‘eBay Classifieds’”

  1. Mikeok Says:

    The Canadian version is still running as Kijiji

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Interesting. Maybe it’s because Kijiji has generally had much more success in Canada than in the US and they’re keeping the brand there.

  3. triplelucky Says:

    This is great news!

    Ebay competing head to head to try and take business away from Craigslist.

    Now all Craigslist has to do is open its searches up nationwide and POOF

    All the disgruntled regular Ebay sellers can quit paying fee’s to Ebay and sell free nationwide on Craigslist.

    Ya gota love it!

  4. Eme Says:

    I think Kijiji was better than eBay. If you live in a rural area you could post ads in neighboring cities – eBay does not allow that which makes eBay stink. I will no longer do business with eBay and I’ll do whatever I can to get the word out. If you have something to sell – use NOT eBay.

  5. Denis Smith Says:

    Ebay or ebayclassifieds do not allow you to work from other countries. Say if you are American but live in Australia you can not post in the us section from Australia. But am I wright?

  6. Greg Sterling Says:


    I don’t know the answer to your question but probably. Your IP address would probably disqualify you

  7. Alvan Ledet Says:

    I agree with you. eBay should have branded it as eBay classifieds immediately as they acquired it.

    Alvan Ledet
    Free Classifieds

  8. Classifieds Says:


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  9. wheretolist (@wheretolist) Says:

    You guys should try, it’s much better layout and contents.

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