Mobile Users Write More Reviews

As a general rule mobile users are more engaged than PC users. When smartphone apps started proliferating 24 months ago it was also clear that mobile users would be an increasing source of reviews that could be used across platforms.

At CTIA this week my Internet2Go colleague Pete Headrick and I had a very interesting OTR (“off the record”) conversation with Pete Schwab of SuperMedia. In several ways he confirmed the higher level of engagement of mobile users vs. the PC. 

One of those data points that he’s letting me share is the fact that Superpages’ mobile users constitute approximately 4% of the total audience but they’re generating 32% of the reviews according to Schwab.

You could argue that’s a mirror of online trends, where a minority of the audience contributes most of the reviews anyway. However I think it’s a clear indication of the higher level of engagement of the mobile audience.


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