Chatmeter Launches SMB Reputation Tools

Today a new SMB-facing reputation management and SEO tool, called Chatmeter, entered the market. It joins Marchex and AmIVisible in the effort to help SMBs (or those that work with them) discover problems with their data and manage their content and online presence. The company was founded last year by former V-Enable executive Colin Holmes.

Localeze is also in this category but with a very different service.

Holmes will offer a free and a premium version directly to the market but also will be seeking to enlist sales channel partners that have direct hooks into the small business market.

The following is a screen from a client/customer dashboard. It shows inconsistency in the listings data, identifies where SMBs profiles are incomplete and tries to put all that in the context of competitive sites and how they compare across categories. The system assigns numerical scores to social media mentions, reviews and references.

I didn’t see a demo or have a chance to actively use the system, but I did get a lengthy briefing from Holmes last week.

Based on my review of the material and discussion with Holmes it looks like there’s valuable information and useful tools here. The question is how to make the information accessible to SMBs in a simple way, as well as make it more and more actionable.


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    […] Chatmeter Launches SMB Reputation Tools « Screenwerk […]

  2. Collin Holmes - Says:

    Thanks for the coverage Greg! Just pulling my head above water after the launch. Your feedback is very valuable and we’ll be implementing quite a bit over the next few months. If anyone has any questions or would like to speak further, you can contact me at Thank you. I am actively working on partners for distribution and companies interested in SMB leads generated by the platform. Thanks!

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