Check-ins and Local SEO

Andrew Shotland has a nice piece at SEL today on the (publisher) SEO implications of the growing “check in” phenomenon in Local-Mobile:

Check-ins and tips are to local business reviews are what Tweets are to blog posts. The amount of effort required is so much easier and the mobile/gaming factors encourage mass adoption. Sites that amass the unique content for the most businesses will win at the SEO game.

I think the following stats about the number of business profile pages reported indexed in Google over the past 24 hours pretty much says it all.

  • 219
  • 553
  • 928
  • 11,300

2 Responses to “Check-ins and Local SEO”

  1. genieknowsreviews Says:

    Sounds good.

  2. Michael R Roberts Says:

    Surely, the location based paradigm (Foursquare, gowalla, brightkite etc) has been gaining ground lately. It surely is something that cant be missed upon.

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