No Posts Through Friday

I’m in Boston, but out through Friday for a family related event. So I’m not blogging here, SEL or at I2Go.


3 Responses to “No Posts Through Friday”

  1. Barry Schwartz Says:

    Safe trip!

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks Barry. Lots of news, very challenging for me to hold back

  3. Mike Stewart Says:

    Time to see my doctor…. having an aneurysm over Scott Klein’s bonus and long term inventive payments and the “change in control” golden parachute!

    Do you mind commenting on this when you get back? I very much appreciated your thoughts on Yelp and reviews/extortion. Even if it is just a private email. DallasSEOGuru at Gmail dot com

    Thanks Greg. I understand my personal thoughts are not often appreciated, but I refuse to sit by and permit this monstrosity.

    Also, can you comment on paying for UVs and how may be giving SuperMedia’s Network additional UVs for the tune of 14million? How exactly can a company give ComScore false information? I called for ComScore reporting and they required $45K for access.

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