V-Enable to Become LocalAdXchange

Sometimes when things don’t work out as we anticipated another, unexpected opportunity arises that actually turns out to be better and bigger than the one that didn’t happen. Such is the case with V-Enable, soon to become LocalAdXchange.

V-Enable is/was a San Diego-based “multi-modal (voice) search” and mobile directory assistance vendor. That particular incarnation of the company, which had been around since 2001, stumbled during the recession amid limited demand for its services and had to lay off a large number of staff.

Arising from the flames of that effort the company quietly built a local-mobile ad network that is now gaining significant momentum, according to President Craig Hagopian, and is profitable. Among the partners now participating are Citysearch, Superpages, 4Info, AT&T Interactive, Localeze, Marchex, MetroPCS, Millennial Media, ServiceMagic and others.

Hagopian told me that the firm has an algorithm that can very precisely deliver the optimal ad to publishers by category, location and even time of day. Ad optimization is partly based on historical data about CTRs. All ads on the network are text/search ads; there are no display ads.

LocalAdXchange makes the lofty claim that it can deliver a $50 eCPM:

LocalAdXchange actually pre-dates most of the other local networks that have recently emerged, with the exception of the ReachLocal exchange.

Indeed, Where (uLocate) recently launched a “hyper-local” ad network and Citysearch offers local network CityGrid, which targets the PC and mobile. By comparison LocalAdXchange for the apparent future is focused on local search on mobile devices.

These locally focused networks can provide high-quality traffic alternatives to mainstream search ads (Google AdWords) while helping overcome some of the fragmentation in the local market.


3 Responses to “V-Enable to Become LocalAdXchange”

  1. Review of Wealthy Affiliate Says:

    Thanks for the tip, I will have to try this advertiser. $50 is much better than $.50.

  2. anonymous Says:

    is localadexchange strictly for mobile or web in general? their website seems to indicate both.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Mostly mobile

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