More Online –> Offline Confirmation

Kelsey put out a press release last week with data from a recent consumer survey showing (once again) that people consult the Internet before conducting offline transactions. The numbers are striking because they appear to be the highest in the market to date, in terms of percentages of people who research online before buying offline:

I obviously support this thesis but find the 90% and 97% figures to be surprisingly high. The Kelsey data also showed that people go to more places (read: fragmentation) to get information before making purchase decisions: 

The “takeaway” for marketers is that their data/ads need to be in more places, although if you had to choose one it would be search engines according to the survey findings.

Print directories seem to be missing from the publicly released Kelsey data. Here is July, 2009 comScore survey data (n=4,000) for comparison purposes: 

The above chart from comScore/TMPDM argues that print is holding its own. Do the Kelsey data reflect something dramatically different?


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  1. Jason Spievak Says:

    Yes, the 97% figure does seem high, but it makes sense that most consumers are shopping online and then buying offline. For big ticket purchases, different types of services, or something that involves different levels of choices, people like to be able to pick up the phone and talk things through with someone knowledgeable. As the article points out, being seen in more places will help marketers reach more buyers, whether they’re ready to click and buy or they prefer to connect with someone to make their purchase. I’m interested to hear where marketers are in their thinking – are they combining offline and online or putting all their eggs in one basket? If they’re combining the two, what are some of their best practices?

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