Early iPad Sales: Fanboys or a Major New Hit?

At one point yesterday it was being reported that Apple was selling 20,000 iPads an hour on pre-order, according to “back of the envelope” estimates. Today the news comes, from the same sources, that Apple likely sold 120,000 iPads yesterday (day 1).

According to Fortune/Apple 2.0:

Based on a sampling of 99 orders (for 110 iPads) over 19.5 hours, and not counting units that were reserved but not ordered, the Sanity team estimates:

  • Nearly 120,000 iPads sold. Their math: 124,596 (orders of all Apple products Friday) minus 16,500 (the average number of online orders on a normal day) times 1.11 (the average number of iPads ordered per customer) equals 119,987 iPads.
  • Wi-Fi over Wi-Fi+3G. Customers preferred the cheaper (and available April 3) Wi-Fi-only iPad over the Wi-Fi plus 3G model (due out at the end of April) by roughly two to one.
  • 16, 32 and 64GB iPads are equally popular. Pre-orders were almost evenly split between the 16, 32 and 64 GB models, with a slight preference for the least-expensive 16 GB model, which starts at $499, and the most-expensive 64GB, which starts at $699 and can run as high as $829 (AT&T charges not included).

The math works out to an astounding $75 million in revenue if all of the above are correct. News of this early demand will likely motivate more people to pre order the device:

The question arises: are these the hungry early adopters and “fanboys” or is this an indication of demand that will make the iPad another huge hit for Apple?


Update: There’s an estimate that in-store reservations may have reached 40K yesterday. I don’t know if this is in addition to the above figures or included in them.

Update 2: Over the course of the weekend, iPad orders apparently dropped. The “final” weekend total according to the various sources estimating was 152K units. No press release this morning means Apple didn’t get sales impressive enough to tout pre-order success.

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  1. troy Says:

    Just like new model year cars, I will wait at least one year until all the kinks are worked out before buying.

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