Yelp Launches Webinars for SMBs

Yelp is introducing a series of webinars for small business on various topics, which include how to use Yelp more effectively. Here’s the Yelp blog post that went up today:

In our ongoing effort to educate business owners on ways they can use Yelp, we are excited to kick off Yelp for Your Business, a webinar series. The inaugural webinar will be held this Thursday, 3/11 at 3pm PT/6pm ET. The subject will be “How to use the free tools on Yelp to promote your business.” Click here to learn more or to register for the webinar.

This is smart and Yelp should have done this a year ago. But better late . . . This will not only build good will and help address the myths and misconceptions but it will turn into advertising sales as well.


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