Has Anyone Heard the Google “YP” Ad?

I got this note from someone this morning:

I was wondering if you have heard/know of an advertising campaign that Google is running on radio promoting the fact that they have a $300 yellow pages product.

The product from what I have been told is their listing enhancement product. I received a call from one of my colleagues indicating they heard a radio ad on headline news on Sirus where Google was promoting this product and used the yellow pages name a number of times throughout the ad.

Has anyone heard this? If so is the description above correct?

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  1. Baden Gilmore Says:


    I thought you might like to know about http://www.ypfree.com

    YpFree.com is a 14 million business yellow pages directory with a telecom widget in place of all phone numbers. It operates like Skype but without any software, registration or payment. YpFree is compatible with all OS’s and browser types and works on 95% of all internet connected computers.

    Our business is to turn consumers’ computers into phones and deliver sales calls to local businesses.

    With one click, consumers can connect to any local business from our telecom widget. This is a free call for the consumer and also guarantees total anonymity, as it does not have a starting phone number. Why would you use any other yellow page directory?

    Our business model is to contact businesses only after they receive a call from YpFree.com. Each call is preceded with a message stating “This call was brought to you by YpFree.com”. We then follow up with an automated IVR system which asks the business to subscribe to our service using an interactive voice response system. Our inflection point for success is a 2% response rate from the calls. One million calls equates to $1.6 million in net revenues (income minus call costs). 20 million calls equates to $32 Million.

    I recently sold my company http://www.livemarkets.com to http://www.trafficmarketplace.com and the development team in Israel has had a number of successful ventures as well.

    Goto http://www.YpFree.com/YpFree/forNumber.html

    Enter any US area code and phone number into the box and once you have entered your last digit a button will pop up. Click and follow the instructions.

    You should probably call your mother!

    Please make sure you have a microphone and speakers hooked up to your computer. All laptops are so equipped.

    When visiting http://www.ypfree.com click on the yellow button “Call Now Free” and follow the instructions.

    • Dan GR Says:

      Where do you get the data for something like that? Do you tell the business anything about the caller? If not, why not. you could be sitting on a lead gen application or at the very least a marketing/analytics application. Businesses pay for that stuff still. Better get it while it’s hot.

  2. Jason Says:

    Well considering Google is beta testing their “sponsored” Local Business Center ads in Houston, TX and San Jose, CA I would guess that your friend heard a radio ad for that new service.

    My guess is that they were listening to a station in Houston, Texas or the South Bay (CA), and the radio ad was referring to a yearly price. 12 months in a year @ $25 bucks a month = $300.00

    The description sounds correct!

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