Geodomains: An Untapped Market?

Companies and people in local seem to be on the lookout for new sources of traffic, new business partners and so on. One area that’s largely untapped is the Associated Cities consortium of geodomains (e.g., This is a confederation of 150 local sites that collectively have more than 10 million uniques per month.

The organization has a conference in New Orleans at the end of April. I have a conflict or I’d be speaking and attending. However, if you want to speak, sponsor, pitch a session or attend you can contact Patrick Carleton, Executive Director, Associated cities. His contact details can be found on this page.

If you’re a content syndicator, local channel, platform provider, etc . . . this is a potentially eager audience. And these sites also represent another potentially great source of local traffic.

It may sound like I’m selling but I genuinely think there’s an interesting opportunity and this is a neglected group of sites that are potentially highly valuable to those in the local space.


3 Responses to “Geodomains: An Untapped Market?”

  1. AhmedF Says:

    Absolutely an underlooked source of local-intent traffic

  2. Larry Says:

    Agreed, the local/geo stack must be grounded to reflect our real world, and geodomains do that.

  3. Poor Uncle Says:

    I am in the process of building a network of geo city websites. Do you have a recommended WordPress theme, or other platform for such development? Thanks in advance for your input.

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