ChaCha Search Data Provide Brand Insights

ChaCha has done a number of interesting things lately to expand its audience and utility, such as Facebook integration. The company is now seeking to offer marketers access to its data around brand affinity and purchase intent. ChaCha offers one of the most direct marketing channels to the youth market in the US and has fielded millions of questions about products and brands by teens and young adults (13-24).

It recently commissioned an analysis of its data and queries to expose trends and preferences among its users. Here are some charts from a report released in conjunction with this analysis:

There’s more data and discussion in the report. The idea here, however, is that ChaCha has a massive database of queries (like Google) that show trends, etc. The difference is that ChaCha’s audience is very demographically specific.

CEO Scott Jones also told me previously that the company has great success with polls, which offers something like a massive youth focus group for brands.


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