8Coupons Makes Bid to Become Aggregator

There are essentially two angles in coupons: aggregator or sales channel. Either you’re bringing lots of deals and offers to consumers or you’re a direct sales channel acquiring offers from merchants. It’s going to be very rare for any single company to occupy both positions. 

I previously wrote about Yipit, which is aggregating deals from the various group buying vendors (e.g., Groupon). Now 8Coupons, which began in New York selling mobile coupons to SMBs is making a play to become an aggregator itself but with a bit of an angle . . . 

Here’s the PR pitch for the site now: 

With so many coupon, deal and discount web sites out there, consumers are on the verge of “Coupon Fatigue.”  There are so many sources for discounts and money saving information that it is hard to digest and utilize them all. 

That’s where http://www.8coupons.com/ comes into play with a One-Stop Shop for all the best deals near you.  8coupons aggregates coupons, sales, deal tips, and other discount related information from a variety of sources that include Valpak,MoneyMailer, Local Bloggers, “Groupon-like” Deal of the Day websites, Merchants themselves, Users themselves, etc., and displays them on 8coupons.com‘s sexy location-based (neighborhood level) map.  

8coupons’ geo-locator and mapping technology finds where you are and automatically populates 8coupons’ “Money Map” with the best, most popular, deals near you.  The8coupons deals algorithm figures out the “Top 8” deals near you based on various metrics such as clicks, impressions, prints, texts, etc.

There might be a rare case where a non-aggregator can develop “brand” status. Groupon, because it’s the most well known of the lot, has a shot at this. 

But who do you think will win or what cluster of sites do you think will win in the now very crowded segment of largely anonymous companies offering deals to consumers and soliciting local business offers?


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